October 17, 2016

Differential Diagnosis

Figs Medical Apparel- (shop)
  Newton Lab Coat
Leon Two-Pocket Scrub Top
Ultra-Cozy Fleece

As an internal medicine physician, I am blessed to have the opportunity to engage in a line of work that I love. However, I can't say the same about the standard-issue white coat and scrubs provided by most hospitals. These generic garments typically feature low-quality fabrics and boxy one-size-fits-most silhouettes. While this garb serves its purpose by protecting one's body from the multitude of bodily fluids that can be encountered throughout the day, it offers little in terms of aesthetic appeal.

I am thrilled to have discovered the FIGS lineup of hospital uniforms which have a much more sophisticated look and feel than the standard-issue items I've been wearing throughout my career. My personal favorite is the Newton Premium Lab Coat. This coat offers a much more tailored fit as well as high quality fabric that feels much smoother than the coarse cotton of generic labcoats. Now I feel motivated to dress my best (even wearing a tie) knowing that I own a labcoat that compliments rather than detracts from my look.

Wearing pajamas to work and getting away with it is definitely one of the perks of working in the medical field. FIGS scrubs aren't just any pajamas however. Here, I am wearing the technical collection by FIGS. I can honestly say these are the the most comfortable scrubs I have ever worn. Seriously. I put them to the test with a 24-hour shift in the Cardiac Critical Care Unit and felt comfortable the entire time.

Another thing I love about the FIGS brand is their threads for threads initiative. For every set of scrubs sold FIGS donates a pair to a health care provider in an underdeveloped country. So far, they have donated 92,000 sets across 26 countries.


  1. I just received the scrubs (a day early). The colors of figs womens scrubs are great. Nice, bold colors. I expected that they run large, so I went down in size. I carry most of my weight in the chest area and around my waist and hips and they fit great.

  2. Really nice :) Amazing total look
    I love so much this your looking :)