April 17, 2017

Welcome back 1995

Perhaps the 1990s are deserving of the current wave of nostalgia that's sweeping American pop culture.  After all, Bill Clinton was president and kept us more than entertained with Monikagate.  The dot-com boom was just beginning and the economy was flourishing.  Men's street fashion was dominated by huge brand logos, stone wash jeans, and Air Jordans.  

As a grade school kid, I was more concerned with playing Super Nintendo and skateboarding than debating world politics or fashion.  Nevertheless, I look back at this time fondly.  It was a simpler time.  A time before the smart phone became an extra appendage of the body.  Social media was nothing more than passing notes in the classroom and hoping to be immortalized with a good picture in the class yearbook.  And come on...   check out that perfect middle part hairstyle.  You know that looked good!   

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