August 6, 2017

Beach Hopping in Hawaii

When my family inviting me along for a trip to Maui, I wasn't about to decline.  In fact, I will take any excuse to visit the paradise on earth known as the Hawaiian Islands.  I always have a blast and this trip was no exception.  On day one, I went surfing on the North Shore of Maui with my brother who, always being one to come prepared, brought along 2 brand new surfboards.  Although it looks like we're wearing wetsuits, they are really just rash guards.  The water was warm enough to stay comfortable without any need for a thick constrictive neoprene straight-jacket.  

For the remainder of the trip, I went beach-hopping.  First stop was Big Beach on Kiehe.  Although I had been to Maui several times before, I had never stopped to visit this beach.  It's a beautiful stretch of sand and even at 9 am was nearly deserted.  With its crystal clear waters and off shore islands, the beach has a very exotic feel about it.  

Next stop was the infamous road to Hana with its several beach stops along the way.  The road itself is very picturesque as it snakes its way through a dense rain forest of Maui's northeastern end.  Many of the beaches along the way require considerable hikes to reach, adding to the adventure.  The first stop was Black Sand Beach.  The beach looks like any other, except for the fact that the sand has been replaced by a shimmering field of onxy volcanic sand.  Never one to turn down an opportunity to be a complete tourist, I dawned a bright Hawaiian shirt and shades and took some selfie shots.  

The final stop on the Road to Hana is perhaps the most beautiful of all the beaches on Maui.  Yes, I'm talking about the aptly named Red Sand Beach.  This one is a struggle to visit due to the treacherous cliffside hike along a narrow trail to reach the beach.  And believe me, the struggle is real.  When I arrived, a tourist had fallen off the side of the trail and needed to be airlifted out of there. Despite the difficulty of the trail, the beach is well worth the visit.  Like a hidden ruby gem, the cove contrasts brilliantly with the turquoise water.   

Now I know what you're thinking.  Wait, what about Hana itself?  Isn't this a Road to Hana afterall? Hana is just a small town without much to see or do.  It is the road...  the journey...   the quest... that makes the trip worthwhile.  In my opinion, the same can be said for life itself.  For so many people, life's journey is an endless struggle to get an education so you can get a career so you can buy a house so you can raise a family and so on....  always striving for some goal.  But in my opinion, life's journey is an end in and of itself.  An adventure to be cherished at every turn just like the Road to Hana.  

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  1. Hawaii is a topical paradise. Whenever we talk about Hawaii, the only thing that comes in our mind is the beaches. We just consider it as tourist destination. But we forget the fact that it is a culture that is filled with mesmerizing customs, music, traditions, legends and values.