October 20, 2017

Portland, Oregon

Greetings from the PACIFIC NORTHWEST!  I made a quick trip to Portland Oregon in order to escape to some cooler weather and check out a new city in the process.  With endless pine trees, clean air, and overcast skies, I felt like I had just jumped into a Twilight Movie (minus the werewolves and vampires).  Okay, I'll leave teams Edward and Jacob back in 2008.  For now, lets enjoy Portland Oregon 2017 style.  

With weather in the balmy 50 degree F range, layering clothes is a necessity. Today, I threw on a Levis denim trucker jacket over a classic plaid flannel by Marc Jacobs.  The combination served me well and kept me perfectly warm throughout the day.  

The first stop on my tour of the city was Powell's Books right in the heart of downtown Portland.  Despite a rather unassuming sign out front, the bookstore was unlike anything I had ever seen. To start, it's massive. With multiple floors and nine huge rooms filled to the brim with books of every variety, it would be easy to spend an entire day here.   

Do you ever use these rental city bikes?  I've seen them pop up in several cities across the U.S.A.  I haven't yet used this service but it seems like a great way to get around, especially in downtown areas where driving can be difficult.

Blue Star Donuts - What a way to end the night!  I've had "gourmet" donuts before.  You know the kind, donuts topped with stale breakfast cereal and given names like Capt'n Crunch Bar, or Fruity Loop Rainbow Twist.  The donuts here at Blue Star are different.  Here, the emphasis is more on high quality ingredients than on flashy looking donuts with catchy names.  The one I'm holding is the Passion Fruit Cocao Nib (actually that is a catchy name, isn't it?).  The taste of this donut is amazing, with a unique blend of sweet tropical fruit with a hint of paprika.  The next time I'm in town, I'll definitely be back for more.   

Levis Trucker Jacket
Marc Jacobs Plaid Shirt (similar)

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  1. It is the most peaceful place. Oregon University is also with in reach. Your explanation about the place became the means to flood memories.