December 25, 2017

California Formal

In the city of Los Angeles, casual attire reigns supreme.  There are few occasions where a pair of nice fitting jeans and a clean button up shirt would be viewed as too casual.  I'm not sure why this is the case to be honest.  Perhaps the creative types in Hollywood are welcoming of an equally creative wardrobe.  Or maybe it's the perpetually warm weather and beach culture which do not lend themselves to the stuffy three-piece suits you might find on Wallstreet.  In any event, LA is a place where one can really let loose with a more laid-back look. 

After saying all of that, what could I possibly be doing hanging out at Griffith Observatory in a formal one-button suit?  Despite being a California native and living in this area my whole life, I still take pride in a nice fitting suit for those rare occasions where a more formal look is needed (i.e. job interviews or the annual work Holiday Party).  

When a more formal silhouette is called for, I reach for something a little more Avant-garde...   a little more California.  I find the one-button suit fits the bill very nicely.  While not the best choice for a job interview, the one button silhouette is the perfect look for dinner parties, school reunions, or any event where a more formal look is needed while still maintaining a fun atmosphere.  
Also, keep in mind that even with a two button suit, you will be arrested by the fashion police if you ever dare to actually fasten the bottom button.  Therefore, I like to spare myself the redundancy and just go for a one-button style. 

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